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Finding the Gold in the Golden Years

Fruitful Aging: Finding the Gold in the Golden Years leads the reader to creative approaches for harvesting the labor and lessons of a lifetime. Each chapter dives deeper into exploring the universe within and leads the way to re-visioning what it means to be not only mature in years – but Golden!

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Fruitful Aging: Finding the Gold in the Golden Years is an inspirational and practical resource for cultivating wisdom and coming home to the essential nature of one’s being.Tom Pinkson provides and restores an ancient remembrance of what it is to be a living treasure or wisdom keeper, which are honorable distinctions of what it means to be a true elder. ” –Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.   Cultural Anthropologist. Author of The Four-Fold Way  and The Second Half of Life

“I received your book the other day and already read all of it.  My husband is reading it now outside. It’s very helpful for both of us. When I first started reading it, iI thought it was a bit lightweight for my hellish situation but I continued reading and found it extremely helpful and very practical with things you cannot change. I’ll read it many times over putting into practice its helpful ideas. “ –Linda, late 70’s with terminal cancer

“I’ve been reading your Fruitful Aging book – its delicious and moving, educational and inspiring. I love it and the stories in it. Thank you for our wisdom, this book and your heart.” –Dr. Sandra Barrett, Author of Secrets of Your Cell

Tom Pinkson sent us a copy of his latest book, Fruitful Aging: Find the Gold in the Golden Years. It is a beautiful book, filled with stories of how people have entered into the “Golden years” and emerged transformed. His own story of being in intense back pain and how he managed to discover the ways to dissolve it are inspirational for any and all of us who suffer from physical trauma and disease. The path that Dr. Pinkson came upon involves a form of healing that is spiritual in nature.

In the book he describes the exercises and activities that have helped him and many others to reach profound and delightful means for being in the world with grace. The book is also filled with quotations from authorities as varied as the Book of Psalms, Nietzsche, Jung, Zen Buddhism, George Bernard Shaw, and the Huichol Native Americans of Mexico. The wisdom of many scientists and therapists is included as well.

The orientation of the book is toward developing the qualities of person-hood that will make the last half of life highly fulfilling through seeking one’s full potential. “This book is an invitation to see what these ideas spark in you using your gift of longevity and its challenges as a vehicle towards the most fruitful blossoming of your self-hood, your creative expression, your wisdom lessons, and your love in a world that so desperately needs more love.” (pg. xxxiii).

Whether you follow the details of his recommended activities or not, the book is inspiring in its insistence that, if “played right” the best is yet to come. – Taos Institute of Positive Aging Newsletter


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