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Medicine Teachings for Modern Times with Tom Pinkson

The practices of the Huichol of the Sierra Madre in Mexico focus on living life in harmony with all living things. Their traditional ways of living include the ceremonial use of the sacred peyote plant and offer a path to a truly sustainable future.

This week author and shaman, Tom Pinkson, PhD., joins us to discuss his new edition of The Flowers of Wiricuta, The Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol: Medicine Teachings for Modern Times and to explore that possible future. In the book Pinkson shares his 11-year apprenticeship in the medicine teachings of the Huichol. Pinkson has successfully infused these sacred teachings into his work as a contemporary psychologist. He is uniquely positioned; having walked this path of integration for decades to look at the many challenges we face together, culturally, socially, and environmentally. Pinkson believes that the wisdom of the Huichol offers us a path to live spiritually grounded lives in intimate relationship with nature and each other.

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