Huichol Elder in Ceremony with Tom Pinkson | www.DrTomPinkson.com Huichol elderWakan: Meaning “sacred” in the Lakotah language and “heart of the sky” in Mayan.

Mission: Wakan is a non-profit 501(c3) organization committed to restoring the sacred in daily life, with products and services for healing and creative expression based on indigenous wisdom teachings. The organization was founded by Dr. Tom Pinkson after the guidance to start a community helping people live in balance with the web of life, came through on Christmas Eve, 1983.

The Assignment: Shares Tom, “Before her death my Huichol spiritual grandmother Guadalupe de la Cruz, charged me with bringing the teachings of her People to “El Norte” where she said we had forgotten how to live. Entering my sixty-fifth year I feel a responsibility, both as a grandfather and a citizen of Mother Earth, to pass on what I have been so fortunate to have been given by my Elders. I walk my path with a firm commitment to the work of bringing forth indigenous wisdom to address the problems of contemporary society. Wakan is the vehicle by which I seek to carry out my “assignment”. Wakan received tax-exempt status in 1987 and has been providing services ever since.

How We Do It: Wakan offers tools to rediscover the joy of living in sacred oneness with the web of life, each other, and future generations. To do this, we offer products and services for healing and creative expression, based on indigenous wisdom teachings, such as seasonal retreats, quests for vision, workshops, shamanic practice groups, educational publications from Wakan Press, and ceremonies honoring life passages.

Support Wakan: Please visit our contributor’s page to find out how to participate.


4 thoughts on “Wakan

  1. My grandmother is Huichol. I been wanting to reconnect to my lineage and would benefit from a retreat prior to starting my psychiatry practice. I find it beneficial for spiritual stability while helping others. Please inform me of upcoming retreats.

    1. blessings on your grandmother and on your life. email me at tompinkson@gmail.com to explore what you are interested in. meanwhile you might find my book, Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol: Medicine Teachings for Modern Times of interest which is available from amazon.

  2. Tom — I am reading your SHAMANIC WISDOM OF THE HUICHOLS and am devoted to your principals and I am learning and processing tremendous wisdom. Thank you for this book; thank you for your Life’s work. This path is vital for me, as a visionary artist who paints the Shamanic “geography” familiar to me, and the allies and entities who inhabit it.

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