Vision Quest

Dr Tom Pinkson, Rites of Passage | #healing #shamanism #ritesofpassage #visionquestThe Vision Quest experience is based on rite of passage traditions found in cultures the world over, anchored by time in nature, and re-connecting with Spirit, and one’s sacred self.

The Vision Quest is an opportunity to step off the treadmill, slow down and explore your own nature, in nature, experiencing the innate wisdom of natural being, in the natural world, through solitary time and fasting in the high mountains. The Quest includes a hike into a magical valley, time with the group in preparation, and working with shamanic medicine ways that help us learn how to listen and act for greater peace, fulfillment, and joy. Through these processes you will come to know that you are not alone, that you are in fact part of a great inter-connnected web, and that you can access a power greater than your own to succeed in life.

After your solo time on Quest, the group comes together for sharing and working with the important dynamics of incorporation and integration. Quests are six days long, but can be arranged to suit individual or group needs. Participants supply their own food and equipment.

The quest is a rite of passage with four stages:

  1. The Call – inquiry, inspiration, and commitment to going on quest
  2. Severance – separating one’s self from the daily “grind”
  3. Threshold  – working with the “threshing forces” of solitude, emptiness, hunger, fear, boredom, and vulnerability to the elements
  4. Integration – finding success in the challenges of return and rebirth.

The next quest  with Dr. Pinkson is September 8th to the 13th, 2014 in the High Sierra of Northern California. Space is limited. To reserve your spot, contact Tom

To learn more about shamanism and rites of passage like the Vision Quest, get Tom’s book The Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol: Medicine Teachings For Modern Times



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