Spring Sutra

when i first got up from bed this morning i could see pink and white blossoms on the peach tree outside the bedroom window
little buds emerged from barren branch bringing rebirth of life from the womb of the Great Mother

every year after a dark and cold winter the cycle repeats itself
“Hello – I’m here!” it says in a wondrous display of creative intelligence that awakens bees to buzz pollinating flowers unfolding in miraculous colors, shapes and fragrances

the power behind it all, the power within it all, invisible to the naked eye
its presence all around

the Huichol People of north/central Mexico call the power “Takutsi Nakaway” – Great Grandmother Growth
this is her time, her season, today her birth-day

It is our time to welcome and celebrate her gifts, warmed by the lengthening days of light
listening, reflecting – “what seeds do i want to plant in the garden of my life?
what qualities of consciousness, mind and being do i want Grandmother to help me grow and blossom at this precious time to be alive?”

a time to choose wisely
a time to face challenges with positivity
a time to think with a good heart.

May it be so for Fullest Blossoming.
Greatest Good
Spring Blessings All-WaysIMG_3778


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