Spring Equinox – The Garden of Creation

Welcoming in the growth power energy of new life rebirthing from the dark of winter we are given opportunity to consciously choose what seeds we want to plant in the garden of our lives.  In support of your reflection and with great gratitude for the opportunity to be alive for another spring and to choose what we want to plant, cultivate and harvest, I offer the following thoughts:

The Huichol goddess of this birthing energy is Takutsi Nakaway and it is from her womb that this wondiferous new-life power pours up into the trees and bushes bringing forth miraculous buds that turn into amazingly beautiful blossoming flowers on into fruit and vegetables that in turn feed more life.

Recognizing the role of seeds in this process the medieval mystic, Meister Eckhart, noted that pear seeds grow into pear trees, apple seeds into apple trees and that we human beings have God seeds within us.

From the world of the mystic to that of Quantum physics which offers the understanding that we live an infinite cosmic sea of teeming particles that carry energy that can create either an attractive or a repulsive gravity, depending on whether its pressure is positive or negative.

The arrival of spring gives us opportunity and responsibility to choose with careful intention what seeds we want to have empowered by the growth energy pouring up out of Mother Earth and, what kind of energy do we want to water those seeds with, positive or negative, attractive or repulsive?

It can be helpful in contemplating what seeds you choose to grow to remember that the equinox medicine is about balance between dark and light, night and day, thus it offers opportunity to look at your life examining what is in balance and what is out of balance that needs to be addressed.

May you and your loved ones and Mother Earth and Creation be blessed by the seed choices we make honoring the Gifts of Grace New Life Energy.




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