Spring Equinox Blessings – and Responsibilities.

It is an amazing and challenging time to be alive today.  LIfe itself is up for grabs.  The opportunity to step up to the plate and make a difference sits squarely in all our laps.  The Spring Equnox – half day, half night, reminds us of the importance of balance, something hard to find in these times of dramatic imbalance.  Spring also reminds us of the huge growth-energy that pours forth from the womb of Mother Earth bringing new life, new promise, new possibilities.  It calls each of us to look inward at what we want to grow in our lives, our families, our communities, our world.  What seeds do we want to plant to be empowered by the energy that comes up from the deep belly of “La Tierra”?

In this time of great suffering for the people of Japan with its nucleur threat to the rest of the world, how might we respond in ways that bring about the greatest chances for healing, for restoration of blance and well-being, for protection – protection of the young, innocent children, the protection of the elders who raised and cared for us, the protection of the waters and air we depend on for our lives, the plants and animals that feed us, the protection of the interconnected web of life without whose support we are truly lost?
These are the questions we are being asked by these times.
May the Turning of the Seasonal Wheel from Winter to Spring and the Rebirth of Life bring us deeper attunement to the wisdom that lives in the blossoming flowers, the blooming fruit trees, the intelligence of cyclic seasons older than our measurements of human time on this planet.
May the Coming of Spring renew our hope in the dark moments of despair, fear, violence and negativity, that love, that light, that kindness, that generousity, that dignity, that caring, that daring to dream of a healthy, peaceful, just and sustainable world, along with the willingness to work for it, could actually be realized if enough of humanity unites hearts and minds to reach a critical mass for transformation.
Each thought, each feeling, each action, goes out as an energy into the planetary field of consciousness influencecing what  happens in the world.
May this Spring help us move from thought forms based on separation towards those that recognize and honor the underlying unity of all life on this precious, amazing and beautiful Mother Earth.
May we open our hearts and minds to the creative miracle that life is and our potential to co-create with the Creator of this Universe a Win-Win World for All.
If not you and I, Who?
In not now, When?
Spring Blessings to All.  Love, tomás

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  1. I searched for an equinox prayer to use during a smudging prior to a labyrinth walk, and this site finally offered some beautiful sentiments that I can use. Thank you.

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