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  1. Hiya Tom, If you remember I ran into you this last summer at Whole Foods with my girlfriend Donna. It was great seeing you and then I forgot your last name after so many years. Anyway I’m ‘back’. While looking for your books on Amazon, I ran into connection troubles and believe it is their internal error. Check it out for yourself, ok?
    Best Wishes, Eric

    1. hola hermano – yes i remember you and your gal and your bike and was great seeing you. thanks for feedback re. amazon and my book. i will check in to it. all blessings. tom

  2. My dear tomas, I love my bracelet and wear it all the time to remind me of ‘who I am’ and who everybody around me is…its a constant reminder that we are “ALL” connected and on equal ground and no reason to think otherwise EVER. It truly helps when you find yourself going into critical judgement…

    I would like to purchase some to give away as you did in this warm heart message about the lady in the park…It’s true we all need to be reminded so we don’t forget as we seem to do over and over again.

    Terrie made you something special & powerful that she makes for “VibesUp” to supplement her monthly income. It’s a creative one just for you and nobody else has one like it…Is there a time/place I can meet with you briefly to give it to you and at the same time pick up some bracelets? Oh, I’m dog/housesitting T&G while they are in Portugal all month…so I’m around until July2nd.

    I love you so much and the positive influence you have always had in my life – since the first time I met you. And as always, all the magnificent spiritual minded people I have in my life through Wakan! Margarita’

    1. To me “I am Love and Love is for giving. You are Love and Love is for giving. We are Love and Love is for giving.” was my mantra for the whole Attitudinal Healing Conference – 40th reunion, and I could not write a better letter of gratitude than Margarita above. I am planning to buy a bunch of them as soon as boats are finally sold – I have down payments on both sailboat and row boat, but final payments have been slow in coming, with all the rain we have here – sorry California, but we have an unfair too much rain, while you’ll are in drought.
      I have been keeping my AHI experience going by spreading that Love chant, and looking forward to getting more of them. Thanks for all you do Tomas, Ron Alexander

      1. and thank you brother Ron, thank you for all the good years we shared, all those souls we touched and who touched us and the unbroken circle of love that pulled us in long ago growing us into deeper awareness of what this precious life is all about. it is a gift to share brotherhood through the passage of time. thank you for showing up, for your loving support, your caring, passion and generosity. Let the Love Ripples Flow and Grow! love, tomás

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