Hola Relatives – I am just back from a rite of passage vision quest with my 13 year old grandson and some of his buds. They all passed their tests during their fasting time on solo deep in redwood canyon forest by gurgling creek. Each boy-growing into-teenager-towards-adulthood, faced and met their challenges of fear being alone in the dark forest, not eating, no technology to distract, no fire at night, no one to talk with, just alone with self.

Each wanted to release certain energies (our Death Arrow work around the Sacred Fire), connect with or strengthen other positive energies (the Life Arrow they made on quest) and hoped to learn from nature how life works. Each got what they sought along with one who a month ago on a drum journey with me had the lion come to him as a power animal and wouldn’t you know it – a mountain lion came and paced around his tent staring right into the entrance!

Each boy got good mojo on this adventure and I gifted them each with a bear claw necklace made by my brother-in-law, the bear being symbolic of going within (introspection) and doing the work of the “looks-within place” as the bear does each winter in its gaining-within time of hibernation.

Great Gratitude for being able to share the kinds of experiences that have been so meaningful in my life with my three grandsons and their compadres.

All Blessings to all the young ones coming up who need initiatory rites conducted by their elders to help them move into adolescence and meet the challenges of this vital time of life in a healthy and skillful wisdom-way.

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