Responding to the Horror of Orlando w/ the Light of Love

Like many of you i have been taken to a place of deeper listening in response to the horror of what happened to innocent people enjoying an evening out for fun and pleasure.
I listen to the feelings of helplessness, sadness, the wondering of why such horrible violence and as one friend asks – “How can our peaceful souls reach these haters? Can our prayers dampen the festering of more hate and violence?

My listening brings me to this – I can only start with me. I believe that on some deep level of being we all chose to be born and live in these very challenging times of transition where evolutionary pressures are forcing all humanity to expand consciousness from the small ego-identified self with its fear-based sense of separation to a higher experience of our true Self – the part of our being that is at One with all of creation.

Evolution is asking us to realize that what we do to another in judgment and action, what we do to the Earth, what we do to animals – we do to ourselves, to our children and our children’s children. It is not just a matter of stopping the evil other, the haters, for the violence, fear, judgment, ignorance and reactivity lives in me as well though on a more subtle level then that of overt killers and causers of mayhem. As Malcolm X said years ago, when we do not face our own personal, historical and cultural shadows, “The chickens come home to roost”.

To speak truth means to acknowledge my country was founded in the violence of slavery and genocide to indigenous people of this land, not to mention the second class citizenship of women denied the right to vote about decisions effecting their lives. As for the violence in the world, we, the United States, are not just the main perpetrators of violence we are also the biggest seller of arms in the world fueling the madness. Our corporate-greed, consumer-capitalist culture with its emphasis on materialism and individualism underlies and feeds the violence, and is itself a manifestation of having fallen asleep to the true nature of reality and the true nature of our own being and to the true potential of what we can create in this life.

Evolution is asking us to ask ourselves – “How can I create a response to the fear, despair, anger, confusion, grief and sadness in a way that grows me in the direction i want to grow and that addresses the ignorance and reactive violence so rampant in society and the world?”

How can it be other than a Wake-Up Call for us all to heal the wounds of separation. To be channels for healing light and love that we took birth to be.

I think we are being pushed to see through and dissolve the the shell/husks that cover and obscure the truth of our interconnectedness and interdependence upon one another. I think we are being asked to raise the sparks of light-filled divinity within us towards a consciousness recognizing we are all children of the One God/Goddess Creator of the Universe.

It is said in an old holy book and by mystics through time and culture that God is Love and that Those who love know God.
Our faith is being tested. What do we truly believe in when the shit hits the fan? What if anything do we have trust and faith in the dark times?

I believe we are being called back home into the wisdom and courage of the heart, to show up in love and with love and be love and extend love and that when enough of us make this a priority in our daily lives the planetary energy field will reach a critical mass and shape-shift from a fear-based world to a love-based world where all people can live in healthy, life-sustaining and life-enhancing harmony and balance with all of creation. We may not see it in our life time but the existential opportunity is here for us now in our response to Orlando and all other manifestations of fear through reactive violence bred by thought-forms of separation that close the heart and shut down the flow of love.

We are the ones to make a difference!

May we take heart with compassion for ourselves, for each other, humbly acknowledging we need all the help we can get.

May we support one another in opening to receive and give help as it flows in our hearts whenever we take time to attune with the powerful transformational force of infinite love that is our true essence.

May it be so today, this very day that we are given to make a difference.

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