Prayer to the Directions

Ho Father Sun, power of the East, power of illumination.

Thank you for shining today, for giving away your light and your love bringing the life force to Mother Earth. Thank your for your teaching reminder of my true nature, and for your power to cut through darkness. I get stuck in my darkness so easily and you help me to cut through it and remember your light and love and to extend it to my family and all who cross my path today. Thank you Holy Father.

Ho Power of the South, power of faith and trust. Power of innocence. Please help me, for I am weak and nothing without you. Help me to surrender to your loving presence as the newly born infant trusts it will be taken care of by its parents. Help me to shed the old trusting that new growth is already on its way. I give thanks to you and pray for strengthening of my faith in your always present, presence.

Ho power of the West, gifts to be found at the center of my being. Thank you the gifts of inner peace, light and love, courage and compassion, healing and forgiveness. Give me the strength to overcome my weakness and to honor the medicine powers I have been given to carry in this life bringing them out successfully in the world for the healing of the Sacred Hoop. Thank you for the power of introspection, of going within to mine the riches you Great Spirit have placed there for us all.

Ho Power of the North, power of Wisdom. Thank you wisdom elders of all faiths and traditions throughout time. You who know Great Spirit’s presence working for the greatest good in everyone, everything, everywhere and all the time. Thank you for your wisdom guidance when ever I turn to you with an open and humble heart. Help me to see Spirit working for good in all the challenges of my life. Help me to walk the Good Red Road, from the south surrendering with faith and trust, to the north, knowing your presence always–knowing you , loving you, and serving you.
Holo Mandala, Shamanic Art

Ho Mother Earth, thank you for all the gifts of your creation. You open your body and give us the food we eat, the water we drink, the clothes we wear, the shelter of our homes. You give us teachings of how to walk upon you with harmony and balance. You give us medicine when we are out of balance. Thank you for your mysterious, beautiful, growth power healing energy. I pray for your health and healing and that your sacred waters, body, air and spirit be clean and fresh, pure and strong. Help me to open my heart to feel your heartbeat so I walk a healing path in harmony and balance with all of creation.

Ho Sky Father, You who are above, Father Sun and Grandmother Moon, star people, rainbow bridge spirits. Thank you for your light and your love, your company through day and night. Cloud people, thunder spirits, thank you for the gifts of rain that come to quench our Mother’s thirst. Help me to open myself to your medicine teachings of balanced masculine and feminine energies. I give thanks to all you who are Above and thank you for your gifts of vision.

Ho Great Mystery, Creator, Source of All. You have been always and you will be always. You birth me and receive me when my life path is over as you have done for all the ancestors who have come before. You are here now in my center and the center of all. Thank you for this day and the opportunity to know you and to serve you. Thank you for my family, friends, teachers, and loved ones. Thank you for the work you give me to do in this life. I pray for strength, Great Spirit, please help me to do the best I can do, to honor what I have seen to be true. Use me as a channel for your healing ways to help the people and the healing of our Mother Earth and the relationships of all the lived. Thank you Great Spirit for you, thank you for holy right now and thank you for the gift of the greatest prosperity of all, knowing your presence always.

Ho. May it be so.

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