Prayer for Community

Aho Great Spirit, Creator, Source of All.

Thank you for the gift of all our relations. Thank you for the gift of caring spiritual relatives and friends, who seek to join in honoring the sacred web of connectedness that we share, who seek to support and be supported, who seek to help and be helped in bringing forth our greatest gifts and talents, our highest dreams and aspirations, who seek to honor and celebrate life and all its wonderful diversity. Thank you for bringing us together in this life and help us to see each other’s light that lives at the center of all our beings. May we grow in our awareness that we are all sacred, worthy, holy beings, here to heal, grow, love and serve the greatest good for all, healing the sacred hoop and creating a just and peaceful world for all our relations. With your help, may it be so! tom├ís

One thought on “Prayer for Community

  1. thank you. i open myself up to Spirit’s presence and ask that i be used as a channel for whatever Spirit wants to bring through me and that i enjoy the process! good luck! tom

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