Invitation – Shamanic Medicine for Fruitful Aging Course

Invitation to help me get word out re. my upcoming Shift Network virtually delivered course on SHAMANIC WISDOM FOR FRUITFUL AGING, and, a chance for you to make some extra income.

This course is going to provide the wisdom teachings and practices i have been gathering for over a half century working with indigenous peoples around the world applied specifically to the aging process and growing into a elder contributing meaningfully to family and community. I feel very good about what this course will offer to folks, many of whom have been asking me for years to do something like this, and I would really appreciate your support in getting word out about it to your people.

I am hopeful you will share this email invitation with your networks to the free call that serves to announce the course whose full title is: Shamanic Wisdom for Finding the Gold in Your Golden Years: Medicine Teachings for Guidance, Meaning, and Purpose. The call is scheduled for Saturday, April 8th at 10am PT.
Sharing is simple and people will benefit from the free content you would be sharing. Plus there’s a profit/revenue sharing opportunity for you too. You can earn a $103.95 commission if any of your referred participants choose to take the course that will be announced on the call.

If you are wiling to help me out as a partner in getting word out please let me know asap at and I will connect you with MaryKay Morgan who takes care of promotional relationships for The Shift Network. She will provide a link for you to enroll as a referral partner and once enrolled, she will provide you with promotional materials, ready to go.

Your cooperation and support in sending an email to your community means a great deal to me. It will help spread my work on creating the elder years into the most meaningful and enriching times of life growing spiritual maturation towards fullest blossoming and greatest good, as well as make easy revenue for yourself.

Thank you for considering my invitation and hopefully in supporting me in getting the word out to a larger audience that can benefit from what is offered.
With Great Appreciation – tom

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