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Quest for Vision Retreat

“What’s  called a Vision Quest is actually a calling to hear the voice of the sacred.”
“There is a place where your medicines are where you go to recharge your spiritual practice, to renew your vows to your vision and values. One’s spiritual relatives live there which are doorkeepers and helpers in your relationship with the Great Spirit.”            — Charlotte Black Elk

Quests and pilgrimages to sacred places of power are part of the The Good Red Road, an indigenous spiritual path that emphasizes community and the great web of life. It is a way of life that encompasses ceremonies, myths, and totemic spirit guides/helpers, together forming a complex heritage and a deep spiritual force. A common thread is belief in the spiritual road that keeps individuals and their communities intimately connected to Mother Earth, to the Creator, to the sacred truth behind the illusion of separateness. The path of quest and pilgrimage has been a part of my life for a long time and it is a true joy to share it “con mis amigos”.

Next Quest:  September 12-17th, 2011

To purposively seek guidance, healing and empowerment for your life path from the “Powers of the Universe” through ancient, wisdom attunement-practices that bring vision, insight, understanding, and renewal.

Explore your own nature, in nature, experiencing the innate wisdom of a natural being in the natural world through solitary fasting in the high mountains. We hike and climb into a magical secluded valley spending time together in preparation working with ancient shamanic “Medicine Ways” including prayer, the Give-Away Ceremony, sacred song, sound and movement, meditation with the Seven Powers of the Medicine Wheel, totem animals and entering the Silence with receptivity, respect and attention.

These practices help us learn how to “see”, “hear” and learn how nature “talks” and teaches the patterns by which she works. Thus we come to know that we are not “alone” and that we can access a power greater than our own to succeed in life.

We spend time together after the individual quest working as a group with the important dynamics of incorporation and integration. Quests are usually 4 to 7 days long, but can be arranged to suit individual or group needs. Participants supply own food and equipment.

The quest is a rite of passage with four stages – the Call, Severance, Threshold Work with the “threshing forces” of solitude, emptiness, hunger, fear, boredom, and vulnerability to the elements, and finally the challenges of Return, Integration and Rebirth.

If you are seeking spiritual adventure, in a setting of great physical beauty and medicine power, to reconnect with your soul and your Life Dream, this might be just the right journey for you.  We backpack in on Monday and return on Saturday.

If you are feeling the call, send me an email and I can fill you in with more depth about this ancient way that humanity has used throughout the world to open to the wisdom of nature, our own nature and the source from which all comes.

Happy Trails. Tomás

Tom is a very rare and unique person. His skill comes from his blend of being his Western self, with his life long pursuit and study of the indigenous soul. Tom’s personal experiences and life challenges give him a capability to guide the Quest experience as a shaman who has personally walked the inner and outer landscape for over 30 years. And so Tom’s gift is that of guidance and protection, I feel safe to do my work knowing he is my ally.  Part of the Quest experience is to intentionally put oneself in physically challenging situations, using fasting and solo time to create a deeper personal connection to the world that surrounds us. A world that we often don’t notice much in our busy lives. But this natural world is our true home, and I feel renewed and back in alignment with myself from this deeper connection. The medicine that came to me from the Quest is that, “I am a Sacred Being, This is a Sacred Place, and this Now is a Scared Moment.” For me the only appropriate response to this truth is gratitude, and what might it be like if I lived my whole life from the truth of Gratitude…
–Rick K. 54, Body Worker
– – –
Before you even depart on the quest, Tom offers a focused stream of affirmations to bring your attention to your quest. Nature is a powerful place to believer and heathen alike, and the rituals and rites of a natural shaman respecting the earth and sky greatly reinforce that mystery.  If you are in a place of distraction, resistance or confusion, this experience erodes neuroses and builds soul connection to powers greater than oneself.
–Mark C. 40, Author and Graphics Designer
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I feel very lucky to have spent time with Tomas on six of the previous quests. ÝThe vision quest experience gives me the opportunity to take a moment to step back from the canvas called My Life, assess where I am, and get a sense of where I need to go next. I have found Tomas to be a strong leader, a deeply untuitive man, a sweet soul brother and a wonderful teacher.  If something in your heart is calling you to seek a vision for your life then this is the way to go.
— Mark S. Miller, Ph.D. Midlothian, Virginia