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Prayer to the Feminine

Ho Virgen de Guadalupe, Kuan Yin,

Great Goddess. Thank you for your light and your unconditional love. Thank you for the gift of the feminine energy, the gift of feelings, of intuition, of the dream power. Thank you for your strength always pouring out your love no matter what. Thank you for always being there. Help me to open myself to your compassion and tenderness, Holy Mother. Help me to bring it in to the places within me that need it, and to be a channel for your healing to whomever you would have me send it to in the course of this day. Ho. May it be so. Ho. May it be so.

Personal Prayer

Aho, Great Grandmother Goddess,
and Great Mystery, Holy Spirit,
Creator of All.

Thank you for the sacred gift of the Life Force.
Thank you for the gifts of your creation.
Thank you for you, thank you for right now.
Thank you for this day and the opportunity to know you and serve you.
Thank you for your presence always.
Thank you for your unconditional love and forgiveness.

Help me to open my heart and know your unconditional love and forgiveness and extend it outward and to open my eye and see your light in all who cross my path today in loving, unattached service to thy will.

I place my future in your hands and choose to experience inner peace now, feeling joined and connected with you who have been always and will be always, and with all those who have, who do, and who will cross my path, seeing their light, being a love finder and a love giver opening my heart to know your unconditional love and forgiveness and extending it outward.
Ho. May it be so.