“Love Cards” come with each World Love Bracelet. Below you can read how others are sharing the love…"Love" Cards for each Bracelet

From a therapist:

” I work in a teen residential treatment center, as a therapist and group leader.  Today’s group began with a facilitated grounding of breathing and pressing feet into floor to bring youth awareness into their bodies.  Next a guided check in was conducted whereby the youth were invited to state at the beginning of the check in: “I am a sacred, worthy, luminous being.  I am love and my love is forgiving.”

The group explored if and why this was a challenging statement to speak out loud.  The youth enacted scenes of conflict from their life that ended with one person saying to the other, “You are a sacred worthy, luminous being.  You are love and your love is forgiving.”  Each youth was prompted to speak the phrase one last time to close the session.

Even the most cantankerous “up yours” rebellious of the kids couldn’t help but smile at hearing this phrase delivered in total truth.

I am in support of your rainbow quest to get this printed on all wrists everywhere in all languages.”


From a doctor and father: –

“I brought the sacred, worthy, luminous being saying to my daughter’s elementary school this fall.  Every Monday I gather the kids together to drum, rattle and sing “I’m a sacred, worthy and lovable being” to each other, holding space and supporting each other in cultivating the love that is so called for. The ceremony is deepening, one session at a time.

Thank you!!


From  a therapist working in the criminal justice system:

“This morning a client came to see me wearing the love bracelet I gave her during our last session. She had been in the middle of a panic attack. We worked on calming her breath.  On the inhale, she was to read aloud the message of the bracelet:  “I am a sacred, worthy, luminous being…I am love and my love is for giving.” Then I had her exhale anything that got in the way of receiving this truth. We practiced this together in my office.

“Today she had many tears of gratitude. She said she had been reciting the “truth” and it has helped her immensely. She also said she looked up each of the words in order to elaborate on the “truth.” She said for sacred, she added: devoted. For worthy, she added: good character and value. For luminous, she added: shines brightly. She then recited her truth: “ I am a sacred, devoted, worthy, good character and value, luminous and shine brightly, being…I am love and my love is for giving…”

“Yesterday I received a call from a 26 year old woman with whom I just started working. She asked if I could meet her as soon as possible. There was pain and shame in her fragile voice, so I agreed to meet her yesterday. Unbeknownst to me, she had taken a handful of pills with the intention of not waking up.  She shared…she cried…I listened. Then I said, “it sounds like you forgot….the truth…the truth about who you are…You forgot you are a sacred, worthy, luminous being…you forgot to remind that little girl inside of your heart about her truth…”

“Regardless of the circumstance, this truth applies. She thanked me profusely and told her boyfriend about how great I make her feel…and I reminded her that it is the TRUTH that makes her feel better, not me.”

“Today I shared at least with three or four clients that he or she is sacred, worthy and luminous…most of the time this truth brings tears.  One client, a convicted murderer had genuine tears.”

“My final hour of work last night was with a bank robber. He was in a gang and only 18 years old. His body and face were youthful and his eyes were full of shame. His voice spoke of genuine regret bolstered by fear for his life. Last night it felt appropriate to share with him that he is a sacred, worthy, luminous being…and that he is love and his love is for giving.”

“My job with murderers and thieves, bank robbers and other criminals is to hear their sacred story and validate their worth and remind them of their being.  The love bracelet is a visual and tactile reminder of this message that seems to really touch my clients in a meaningful way.  Thank you.”


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