World Love Bracelets


World Love Bracelets
World Love Bracelets

“In my work as a psychologist, leading groups and retreats, when it comes time for people to introduce themselves I invite them to share their names and then to say: I am a sacred, worthy, luminous being. I am love and my love is for giving.” 

The results inspired me to create World Love Bracelets. Every bracelet comes with a Love Card, message and instructions on how to wear and share.

Why sacred? Because we are all amazing manifestations of the creative wisdom of the universethe ones to carry it on to the next generation.

Why worthy?  Because we all deserve respect, caring, kindness, celebration and love for our very being and for the miracle of our very existence.

Why luminous?  Because our bodies are made of stardust and our souls are made of numinous light.  Right in the middle of our bodies our solar plexus, the place of light! 

Why love?  It is the essence of our being, who and what we are at the deepest level of our being, beneath form and bone, beneath personality and persona, beneath ego identity with all its strivings and attachments.

Why is love for giving?  Because love, by its nature, is meant to flow unobstructed to all beings.  It is meant to be given to one and all unconditionally, starting with ourselves thus opening the doorway to awakened consciousness and living the truth of whom and what we are and why we are here.

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