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Conscious Aging Alliance:
I am very pleased to be a member of the  Conscious Aging Alliance supporting the work of fellow Elders in raising consciousness about creating our elder years into the most fulfilling of all.  You can read about the new Summer-into-Fall edition of the Alliance Common Calendar on the Alliance website at:  www.consciousagingalliance.org where you can learn more about the Alliance and each of the member organizations.  You will be enriched just by reading about the offerings and I heartedly encourage you to look into taking part in as many of the offerings that call you to action.  

All Blessings to your Fruitful Aging..

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  1. Hola Tomas,

    I just order 10 bracelets. If ‘rainbow’ is the only color available, that is perfectly fine! However, I do so love the color blue.

    Muchas gracias, Hermano,
    Hermano Roberto

  2. hello hiva – i am glad you are enjoying my book but i am sorry to say i have no idea of where you can obtain LSD. blessings. t.

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