A New Vision of Aging

Fruitful Aging | www.DrTomPinkson.comFruitful Aging™ is a philosophy and training program created by Dr. Pinkson to help seniors “find the gold in the golden years.” Evolved from ancient wisdom and success across a myriad of cultures and belief systems, Dr. Pinkson’s program is based on 5 Keys integral to living life with greater joy and meaning.

Through private consultations or Recognition Rites, working the 5 Keys process nourishes the soul, enlivens vitality and enriches the experience of love.  It activates the ability to call upon life experience to contribute wisdom guidance, insight, understanding, courage and inspiration in addressing the challenges of aging and the challenges that face humanity today.

The Five Keys include:

  • REVISIONING death as an ally empowering life.
  • RECLAIMING your wisdom teachings and Repair your relationships.
  • REALIZING your heart path with vision and purpose.
  • REAWAKING your power of creativity, courage and generativity.
  • RECOGNIZING your highest potential by growing your spiritual maturity and intelligence.

Fruitful Aging is about shifting attitudes about aging and older people to the position of respect that mature cultures demonstrate with their valuation and socially integrative use of their elders. Throughout history, many successful and thriving societies have shown it is possible to make one’s elder years some of the most meaningful and rewarding of one’s life. Fruitful Aging™ is bringing this gift to the seniors of today.

To begin experiencing Fruitful Aging™ for your self or to set up a Recognition Rite for a loved one, contact tompinkson@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “A New Vision of Aging

  1. I have worked as a nurse for 45 yrs. Now I am retired from nursing but continue to work in a Nursing Home as a Receptionist. I would like to assist our Recreation staff to develop rites of recognition for our residents on their birthdays rather than having a memorial service for when they have passed on. It would be a more positive and happy celebration and would help the staff to see the residents in a different light.

    1. hello monica – thank you for your interest in Recognition Rites for the residents in your nursing home. Perhaps have the staff read the chapter in my Fruitful Aging book on recognition rites and then brainstorm with them re. how best to create a program relevant and meaningful to the residents and situations in the home. let me know if i can be of further support and best way to reach me is at my email address tompinkson@gmail.com

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